Girls in computing

Welcome to this blog that aims at lifting the important topic of girls and their important role in professions associated mainly with computers. When we visualize a programmer; a web developer; a hacker or just any random computer game nerd unfortunately most of us see a guy before us. Why is that? There are so many phenomenal women on computers out there, doing amazing work within all fields, but there is room for a lot more. 

Women are needed in the future of computer associated jobs so we need to encourage girls to develop their skills within these fields. There are so many branches withing the very wide concept of computers - technological, mathematical, creative, artistic and even hands-on work in construction so "computers" cater for a wide range of skills.


Female Pioneers in Computing

29 Jul 2021

When computing was in its infancy, there were a number of key women in the field. A good example is the Apollo space program, which employed a vast number of female computing professionals. These pioneers paved the way for the advancement of computer technology and theory.

Are women better leaders?

5 Feb 2020

Barrack Obama just said that women make better leaders than men, and this also applies to computers. We look forward to encouraging women to confidently undertake careers in computer and related fields. And Grepgrrl makes women be leaders in programming, web and app development, and other sectors in the world of computing.

Women in the Gaming Industry

23 Dec 2019

With the rise in demand for online games, game developers are always on the lookout for the best creative and tech-savvy people out there, including talented women. Including women in the workforce is important both for the company to establish a reputation as a fair and diverse workplace and for women too, as this opens new doors in an industry that has been dominated by men for many years.

Gender does not matter

As it has been proven over and over in the last few years, women are as capable as any man in handling computing jobs, bringing into the scene a different perspective. In the gaming industry, women are an important part of the development of some of the most popular online games. Their ideas are valued and many women now occupy important positions in every aspect of game development from creating the idea, designing the graphics and animations as well as being responsible for the final testing before they are launched in various online casinos.

In modern society, women have a very important role in the IT industry. In coming years, their role will continue to grow as well as their importance, establishing their reputation without question, earning them much respect in a world that strives for innovation.

Computer science: don’t be afraid to start your career.

15 Nov 2019

The percentage of women in computer science is far lower than that of men and it's weird because it is an interesting field that has everything to appeal. It offers freedom of action rare in the professional world. All you have to do, it's act !